Discover the World of Culture!

It's a weekly programme of Music, Dance, Art and Language which is a great way to access the diverse range of cultures we have at our finger tips.

We bring you the best selection of workshop leaders available to deliver fun, exciting and lively sessions for you to take part in. Kultura Arts is for everyone, young and old so we welcome you all, to sample the colour of living.

Throughout the world there are countries, villages, cities, tribes, communities and people, who have a deep, rich culture and an alternative way of life. Kultura Arts gives you direct access to culture so that you can begin or even continue to see the world in all its colour

Simply put, we want you to open your own world and experience more life from across the globe. Why not bring a friend or make some new friends because Kultura Arts is for everyone.

Book your session today by clicking HERE to view the events available. Any question give us a call, email or message us.

A Season of Cultural Arts for Those That Love Living!

Different Workshops for different interests
Sessions run between 60 - 90 minutes on weekday evenings and during the days at weekends
Sessions are generally suitable for all abilities and ages